在线赌博推荐 offers 高中生s like you a unique opportunity to take supplemental college courses while you’re still in high school. These course credits can then be transferred to a 4-year institution or counted toward your associate degree at 在线赌博推荐.

事实上,一些高中的课程反映了这一点 在线赌博推荐 文科副学士学位的要求! 当这些需求重叠时, there’s opportunity to optimize your high school course load to earn credits in 在线赌博推荐’s Liberal Arts program – this decreases time, 节省金钱, and offers you the freedom to explore options without an expensive 4-year college commitment.

有关这些项目的更多信息以及如何开始, 请填写本页底部的表格. You can also contact Mark Bograd, coordinator of high school outreach, at 603-230-4029/(电子邮件保护)


I am interested in the following 在线赌博推荐 high school programs (select all that apply):(必需)

Transfer Academy: High School -> 在线赌博推荐 -> UNH

在线赌博推荐’s unique Transfer Academy lays out your pathway from high school to 在线赌博推荐 to UNH. 早在你大二和大三的时候就开始了, you can take courses that – once applied to your 在线赌博推荐 education – may also transfer to your UNH学士学位 在杜伦校区. 这相当于节省了近1.6万美元!


This is a concurrent enrollment partnership between participating high schools and 在线赌博推荐 for students in grades 10, 11, 和12. Students have the opportunity earn credit toward high school graduation while earning college credit at 在线赌博推荐 at the same time.

课程 are taught by qualified high school faculty who have the same credentials as a CCSNH adjunct instructor and are taught during the regular school day.  The teachers work with the 在线赌博推荐 faculty partners to align the curriculum to the 在线赌博推荐 requirements.


  • Earn college credit at 在线赌博推荐 while earning credit toward high school graduation.
  • 在正常的上学时间上课.
  • 注册课程可以节省一大笔钱.
  • 参加一门大学课程,了解它是什么样的.

Any student in grades 9-12 in the 项目领导 Pre-Engineering program may register for 在你高中的早期大学 credit. We have 25-30 在线赌博推荐 faculty partners who work with 30-35 high schools and over 130 different classes each year.

Please contact your high school counselor for courses available at your high school.

Funding is available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to take up to two 阀杆/ CTE 通过总督学院每年的课程 阀杆/ CTE 奖学金基金.


Take a course on the 在线赌博推荐 campus for a discounted rate of 50% off the tuition!*没有申请到这个程序-它是开放给任何N.H. 高中生. We average 50-60 Early College students attending 在线赌博推荐 courses per semester.


  • 参加高中没有的课程.
  • 在真正的大学校园里体验真正的大学课程.
  • 探索你可能正在考虑的专业的职业选择.
  • 为你的学位节省时间和金钱!

This program allows you to fully immerse into 在线赌博推荐 and includes access to support services, 俱乐部和组织, 还有其他的机会,除了体育和住房.

*This does not include books or other materials required for the courses.


这是一个双学分项目,给N.H. 高中生s the opportunity to take 100% online college courses through the 社区 College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) while earning high school and college credit simultaneously. 


  • 通过同样的在线课程获得高中和大学学分.
  • 随时随地进入你的课程,以适应你繁忙的日程.
  • 向高素质的CCSNH教师学习.
  • 通过大学课程获得宝贵的经验.
  • 将学分转到许多学院和大学.
  • 省钱——学费加上课本费用只需要150美元.

欲了解更多信息,请致电603-717-5965或电子邮件联系Ed Symes (电子邮件保护).

新: 在线赌博推荐现在提供在线牙科辅助科学课程: 编号110C牙科辅助科学I. This course can be taken by any student interested in the Dental Assisting program and as an e-start course for 高中生s and transferred when they are accepted into the Dental Assisting program at 在线赌博推荐. 点击这里查看课程.

eStart is a partnership between the 社区 College System of NH (CCSNH) and the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS).


项目领导 (PLTW) helps 高中生s explore college programs and careers in engineering or engineering technology by completing a sequence of courses as part of their high school curriculum. 课程包括工程设计导论, 数字电子技术, 工程原理和计算机集成制造.

Students who have successfully completed any of these courses may be eligible to apply credits to 在线赌博推荐’s Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering Technology major. PLTW is a Concurrent Enrollment Partnership between participating high schools and 在线赌博推荐.


The 思科学院 is a curriculum offered by CISCO that provides a method for secondary and higher education academic institutions to offer CISCO-certified training. 在线赌博推荐 has been authorized by CISCO to offer training for the CISCO Certified Network Associate Training Program since 1999.

欲了解更多信息,请 请填写本页底部的表格, or contact Mark Bograd, coordinator of high school outreach, at 603-230-4029/(电子邮件保护)

CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification validates the ability to install, 配置, 操作, 并排除中型路由和交换网络的故障, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. CCNA课程包括基本的安全威胁缓解, 介绍无线网络的概念和术语, 以及基于表现的技能.

A CCNA works with networking equipment such as routers and switches to build LANs and 广域网, 让人们分享信息, access the internet and work collaboratively from across the room or on opposite sides of the world.

在线赌博推荐,您将构建局域网, 广域网, and wireless networks with CISCO routers and switches and connecting various end user devices including Windows clients, 服务器, 打印机, Web服务器和其他. 您将获得诸如TCP/IP等网络协议的知识, HDLC、PPP等广域网标准和OSPF等路由协议, RIPv2和EIGRP. You will also implement layer 2 concepts such as VLANs and Spanning Tree protocol.

If your goal is to learn how to build and maintain small to medium sized LANs and 广域网 or if you are currently working in the field and want to obtain the CCNA certification to further your skills and career, 这首歌是给你的.


思科认证验证成就, so it increases the holder’s professional credibility by ensuring high standards of technical expertise.


  • Install and 配置 CISCO switches and routers in multiprotocol LANs and 广域网
  • 提供1级故障排除服务
  • 提高网络性能和安全性


  • 服务台工程师
  • 现场技术人员
  • 一级系统工程师



  • 100 +路由器
  • 100 +开关
  • 8台CISCO VoIP路由器
  • 16 CISCO IP话机
  • 教师经过思科学院的培训和认证.
  • 小班授课,更多一对一的教师互动.
  • Program accommodates different learning styles by using multiple media to deliver content

注意: 虽然这个程序不需要以前的网络经验, 有基本的计算机技能是必要的, 包括基本的PC操作系统经验, 电子邮件和互联网接入以及基本的文字处理技能.



电话: 603-230-4027
工作时间:晚8点,晚8点.m.-7 p.m.